• and the story goes
  • A Reminder from The Past

    Mereka bilang “bahagialah selagi kau bisa” Jangan memikirkan nanti akhirnya akan bagaimana Toh kau juga yang punya rasa, pun yang menjalaninya. Mereka bilang bahagialah selagi kau bisa Agar kau tak menyesal pada akhirnya Paling tidak kau punya sebuah cerita Jika nantinya menjadi luka, sembuhkanlah dengan lapang dada Jika nantinya menjatuhkan banyak air mata, jangan lupa […]

  • Movie
  • Why Woody Allen?

    “Why Woody Allen?” they asked me with their doubtful eyes. I know, recently Woody Allen’s work has been, shall we say… not his best. Not bad, hardly sparkling. And also his extra-ordinary love story with his adopted daughter leaves a bitter truth about him. I know cheating on his wife with his fourteen year-old adopted […]

  • mumbling
  • a Blue Trick

    two and two are rather blue after those uncertain clue you’ve left me without cue i’m neither being critical nor cynical bad things remembered without trying to recall so i built this fuckin wall “Dissapear.” you said it was magic. do you think that’s romantic? no. it’s dramatic near tragic when i realize all you’ve […]