For You I’d Bleed Myself dry

Been dreaming about their concert since Junior High School. I’m in love with “Yellow” and craving for their song ever since. Maya and me used to talk about their concert for hours and here we are, watching their performance, live, together. I couldn’t thank God enough for this.

Coldplay will always have a little soft spot in my heart. Because as I reckon every moment in my life, it was always them. It was always “Fix You” that I put on repeat whenever I get down. It was “Shiver” that I sang through my first heartbreak. It was “Viva la Vida” that moves my feet over and over again, it was “Magic” that I put on playlist during my teen life.  And it was “Yellow” , that will always bring out an old memory about a young lovebirds. I thank you for that, for all songs that could make both my heart and feet moving.

That night, you guys made me crying over and over and over. I cried twice and had countless ‘I am about to cry’ moment. 

All of it. Four of you, the lighting, the crowd (singing all of their song together), the sound, everything. At last, thank you for making such a show and let me experience a great wonder. I would really like to have it once again. 

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